Free Life On The Road..

Twin Cities VegFest

Ocala VegFest

St Louis Vegfest

Meeting Dr Greger at VegMichigan was so much fun!

Tulsa VegFest

Kansas City VegFest in our home state

Very lucky to meet Dr McDougall at SoCal Vegfest!

San Antonio Texas VegFest

Dr Klapper wearing our Plant Powered tee at SWFL VegFest

SoCal VegFest - long trip, but lots of fun!

Oklahoma City VegFest

KC VegFest

Jane Esselstyn was wonderful at Colorado VegFest

Palm Beach FL VegFest

Alicia Silverstone signed our copy of The Kind Diet at VegMichigan

Such a drean to meet T. Collin Campbell at an event in St. Louis

Chef AJ at SoCal VegFest

Dr Barnard signed my copy of Your Body In Balance at SW FL VegFest

Grand Rapids VegFest

Central Florida VegFest

Our pop up shop at St Louis VegFest

Nashville VegFest